GL Opti Probe 5.0.51

GL Opti Probe 5.0.51 Usage

Pen type luminance probe for point measurement of flat displays, LCD, LED OLED panels, projection displays and indicating lights. The set includes a measuring probe, quartz fiber optics as well as an adapter with a coder for SPECTIS 5.0, 6.0 and 8.0 spectrometers. This probe covers the full spectral range from UV to IR within the range of the used spectrometer. N.A.=0.20


Optic probes for measuring radiance or irradiance

To be able to match the best optical probe to customer’s needs, it is important to know what the client has to measure, which quantities he needs to deliver, how wide a spectral range he has to measure in and which measuring point diameter he will be satisfied with.

GL Optic offers variety of optical probes for radiometric measurements. They differ in spectral range, degree of cosine correction and a type of optic fiber..


Each complete set includes a measuring probe, a fiber optic cable, and adapter for a dedicated spectrometer. Includes calibration traceable to National Laboratories.

Smart Detection

All GL Optic Spectrometers include smart system of detection that automatically detects a new probe and loads the appropriate calibration file.

Extended Spectral Range

Constructed of high transmission quartz fiber optics, these optical probes can cover a broad spectral range from UV to NIR (200-1050nm).



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