Digital LCR Meter (AT3816A) / (AT3816B)

AT3816A/AT3816B adopt TFT true color LCD display and English operation interface (Chinese also available). Menu soft key board operation & digital keypad.6 digits display with the maximum speed of 30 times per second. It can not only scan 10 groups frequency or voltage level list, but also correct 3 groups of user frequency so as to improve the accuracy. Equipped with automatic 14-bin sorting interface and RS-232C interface. With DCR and DC bias function.


  AT3816A Precision Digital LCR Meter AT3816B Digital LCR Meter
Parameters Cs-Rs,Cs-D,Cp-Rp,Cp-D,Lp-Rp,Lp-Q,Ls-Rs,Ls-Q,G-B,R-X,Z-θrad,Z-θdeg, DCR
Monitor Parameters Z, D, Q, θr, θd, R, X, G, B, Y, Vac, Iac, Δ, Δ%
Basic Accuracy 0.05% ±5 dgt 0.1%±5 dgt


50Hz-200kHz (continuous frequency with

resolution of 0.001Hz)

50Hz – 200kHz (37 kinds frequency)

Display Range

L: 0.00001mH-999999H C: 0.00001pF – 999999mF R,Z: 0.00001W – 99.9999MW D: 0.00001 – 9.99999 Q: 0.00001 – 99999.9 D%:-999999% – 999999%

q(rad): -3.14159 – 3.14159 q(deg): -179.999° -179.999° DCR: 0.00001Ω ~ 99.9999MΩ

Source Resistance 30Ω, 50Ω, 100Ω
Range 9 ranges, Automatic, Manual, Nominal
Display Max 6 dgt, principle parameter: 999999; sub parameter: 999999; monitor parameter: 999999
Signal Level 0.01V – 2.00V (10mV Step)
Speed 30 t/s, 10 t/s, 6 t/s, 3 t/s 1 – 256 times average is available


14-bin sorting, 10-bin GD, 1-bin NG, 1-bin AUX, 2-bin principle parameter NG


Count function: Max – 999999

List Test 10 groups frequency and level scanning test
Adjustment Open/Short frequency correction, 3 point frequency and load correction
Files 10 group files to save users’ setting, 1 group to save system data real-time
Interface RS232C, ExHandler Interface, with standard USB disc interface (article 10000 data)
Others LCR automatic selection, keypad lock, SCPI instruction set, TFT true color LCD display
Power Supply Voltage: 90V AC – 250V AC Frequency: 50Hz – 60Hz Power: Max 20VA
Size 264mm(Width)x107mm(Height)x350 mm(Depth); 4kg


ATL501E: Kelvin Test clip ATL601: Test fixture

ATL600: Short-circuit slice ATL508A: SMD patch test clip ATL108A:RS232 Communication cable AC power cord

ATL501E: Kelvin Test clip ATL601: Test fixture

ATL600: Short-circuit slice ATL108A:RS232 Communication cable AC power cord Optional : ATL508A SMD patch test clip

Options ATL608 SMD patch test fixture ATL508: SMD patch test clip


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