Conductive textile 4711

Conductive textile and textile tape are very easy to apply to plastic housings to create an EMI-shielded housing.


  • Flame-retardant version
  • With (conductive) self-adhesive backing
  • With insulation layer
  • Die-cutting to any shape



Conductive textile is made of a nylon ripstop fabric, metallized with Cu/Ni, extremely strong and flexible. It has conductivity in all directions, i.e. along the axes X, Y and Z. Conductive textile can be supplied as a cloth or as pressure-sensitive adhesive (PAS) tape wich is easy to apply to plastic housings in order to cover complex forms and shapes. Conductive textile has low contact resistance and the tape version has superior adhesive force. The product shields electromagnetic interference (EMI) effectively.

Laminates of metal foils with flame-retardant Nomex or Valox are also available; see our Mu-copper tapes or Amucor tapes.

Our engineers can help you develop the right design to create overlaps, holes or connectors, cables and spuds.


  • Easily follows the contours of your housing
  • Flame retardant
  • Extremely strong
  • Corrosion free
  • Can be applied as die cut parts, as a sheet or in roll form


  • Shielding plastic enclosure parts
  • Shielding all non-conductive materials
  • Ground plane
  • Antistatic floor
  • Electrical connection between surfaces (sheets/foils)
  • Die-cuts
  • Shielding in housings
  • Shielding cables
  • Temporary shielding during tests



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