Anti caterpillar and snail tape


Tapes against snails- (oak processionary) caterpillars. A self-adhesive tape that can be sticked around trees or pots.

It consists of 2 materials that cause an electric potential difference if they become moist (it feels like a piece of aluminium foil against your amalgam filling). Snails and caterpillars don’t like to get over the material.

For very stubborn control, the effect can be increased by actively applying a current via a battery.

Robust tape width 40 mm, reinforced with polyester and self-adhesive, to be applied with overlap.

The tape is provided with an adhesive layer, insulator, amucor-PVC insulator 9 mm and copper tape 6 mm.

Roll length of 6 meters (standard)

oak processionary butterfly caterpillaroak processionary caterpillar


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